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  • To check for a product firmware releases you have to press the "CHECK!" button in the columm "Available Firmwares" for the model you want.
  • Once you've checked for the firmwares available for the model you want, you'll se all the firmwares available and when clicking on them you will see the different products code for that firmware and you'll have the possibility to download the files of that release.
  • You can have the site check automatically for different product codes on page load. So as to do this you have to take a look of the Product Id for the model you want and you can enter up to 3 product codes in the URL with ?productsid=X,X,X as the example below:

    If you want, you can also tell the site to display only the products specified by you, so as to do this, add &display=sel as done in the example below:

    They all have to be separed by a coma (,) without spaces.

    Take into account that the more products you add, the more the site will last to load because the Nokia NSU server needs to be contacted.
  • There's an RSS available that you can access folowing the same info written above and will let you get latest firmware updates online, an example of this can be seen in the following example:
  • If you want to get the links for the RSS or for the products to automatically check on load you can select upto 3 different models with the checkbox on the left and the site will inform you of the link automatically.
  • If you are looking to be up to date with your phones product code and it's latest firmware releases, you can fill the form found in the bottom of the page and it will give you a formed URL that you can use to check for latest versions on different product codes, the generated URL will look similar to the following example:

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